Top-rated 2024 NFL draft prospects, including comps

The 2024 NFL draft has how many first-round prospects?

You would guess 32 since Round 1 in Detroit on April 25 will include 32 selections. 

We're not talking about how many players will be picked in Round 1, but how many have a legitimate Round 1 grade.

NFL teams seldom select 32 Round 1-caliber prospects in a class.

About 15 students per class receive a first-round grade, however this varies per team and scouting department.

I only evaluate prospects who would be a Day 1 pick regardless of year, and my rule of thumb is whether they would have been one in each of the prior five classes.

Confusing? Welcome to scouting.

After assigning 20 first-round scores in 2023, I narrowed my 2024 class list to 14 offense-heavy names using a stringent grading scale. 

This list will alter with bowl games, all-star events, the combine, and tape study until draft time. 

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