Top Plants and Flowers for Autumn Interest

Fall is approaching, but your garden doesn't have to be bare.

Chrysanthemums, the beloved fall flower, are on our list, but there are many other ways to plan an autumn show.

Summer bloomers like gomphrena, petunias, dahlias, celosia, and marigolds bloom throughout early October and into first frost.


Globe amaranth, a lovely flower native to Mexico, New Mexico, and Texas, can be grown as an annual abroad. This flower blooms from early summer until first frost, making it great for fall centerpieces.


Petunias, the staples of spring and summer container gardens and hanging baskets, bloom nicely in fall until the first frost. They like constant sunlight and moisture.

Autumn Sage Autumn Sage

Salvia greggii produces fall blooms on rocky soil and hillsides. This shrub-like herbaceous perennial from Texas blooms spring through October and attracts pollinators. Full sun; afternoon shadow.


Goldenrod's vivid yellow blossoms complement fall colors. Unlike ragweed, this late-blooming North American perennial wildflower attracts bees.

Sweet Alyssum

Sweet alyssum, a sun-loving plant that tolerates shade, looks great hanging from window boxes and hanging baskets or streaming over walls.


Looking for a stunner? Snapdragons adore autumn chill. In warm winters, they may bloom.

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