These industry trends in our backyards to start the gardening year sustainably.

Garden design trends change, but more than ever, we want to flourish in ways that benefit our backyards, local ecosystems, and the environment.

Gardeners are looking for solutions to adapt to climate change and extreme weather or risk flooding, drought, and plant failure.

The Seattle-based Slow Flowers Society released its annual trends forecast study this week based on industry information and interviews with US grower and floral designer members.

The paper identified numerous developing industry trends that would solve these issues and be adaptive to our backyards and several climate zones.

  Native planting is rising, aromatic, seasonal flowers are replacing hybridized blooms, and DIY, low-cost garden solutions are becoming more popular.

We analyze each, discuss its benefits, and how to apply them to your outdoor environment.

1. Native Planting 

In the report, Seattle-based Slow Flowers Society founder and Amazon author Debra Prinzing says, ‘by paying closer attention to our ecosystems, more of us are recognizing indigenous flora, and valuing its benefits to wildlife, soil health, and providing uncommon beauty in bloom, leaf, and pod.’

2. Planting Flowers For Fragrance 

The Slow Flowers Report says its members are applauding a shift from hybridized, odorless flowers to garden-grown, seasonal perfume.

3. Homemade Gardening Solutions 

Making compost, green manure, and fertilizer will become more popular this year as artisan flower growers adopt biodynamic and regenerative agricultural methods.

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