The Six Most Adventurous Zodiac Signs, According to Astrology

For some people, being adventurous entails undertaking something physically challenging or with an unknown conclusion.

 These are the folks who climb Mount Everest despite knowing how dangerous it is and seeing the bodies of climbers who did not make it to the top.

Aries' catchphrase may be: "Why wait when you can do it now?" They attempt to take advantage of any chance that comes their way.

1. Aries

Gemini mothers are open to discussing any topic with their children, and often initiate "the talk" early on. 

2. Gemini

Aquarians enjoy combining their love of travel with their desire to make the world a better place, therefore they frequently combine charity work and travel. 

3. Aquarius 

Libras will travel to explore culture and/or fight for social justice, and they believe that fighting for others is beneficial to their own lives. 

4. Libra 

Scorpios have a need for knowledge and a fascination with the unknown, thus they enjoy adventure and excitement. 

5. Scorpio 

They love to try new things and travel is one of their passions. 

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