The Best Bars in America, 2024

Certainly! Here are 10 bars across the United States that stand out for their excellence: 

Employees Only - New York City, NY: 

A legendary speakeasy-style bar in the heart of Manhattan, known for its craft cocktails and intimate, vintage ambiance. 

The Aviary - Chicago, IL: 

A cutting-edge cocktail lounge where mixology meets science, offering avant-garde drinks and a sleek, modern atmosphere. 

Carousel Bar - New Orleans, LA: 

Located in the historic Hotel Monteleone, this revolving bar has been a French Quarter icon, serving classic cocktails with a touch of nostalgia. 

Trick Dog - San Francisco, CA: 

A trendy and innovative bar known for its ever-evolving menu, creative cocktails, and artistic interior design. 

The Dead Rabbit - New York City, NY: 

An Irish-American pub and cocktail bar with a historical twist, offering a mix of traditional Irish hospitality and expertly crafted drinks.

Canon - Seattle, WA: 

A whiskey and bitters emporium, Canon is renowned for its extensive and eclectic drink menu, featuring rare and vintage spirits. 

Columbia Room - Washington, D.C.: 

A sophisticated cocktail lounge with a focus on precision and innovation, offering a tasting menu-style experience for cocktail enthusiasts. 

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