The best 5 tips to grow plants in pots

Plants growing in pots need extra care as their roots are packed in a confined space and the soil may not be well-aerated. 

Here are some tips for you to grow plants in pots.

Choose the correct pot 

Choose the proper pot for your plant based on its growth rate and root length. Choose a large pot with drainage holes to prevent root rotting.

Choose the right soil 

The soil you choose for a plant in a pot plays an important role in its growth. Opt for loose and well-aerated soil without clay or lumps in it. 

Fertilise the soil 

Mix organic fertilisers to the soil before adding it to the pot. You can use organic compost made from fruit and vegetable peels to make the soil more fertile and nourish the plant with essential nutrients.

Provide enough space to plants

While potting plants, make sure to fill the pot till the stem. Avoid stuffing the pot with plenty of soil as it can prevent aeration and stop drainage.  

Place saucers 

Excess water will drain out from the drain holes below the container. So, make sure to place a saucer below the pot to collect the water. These saucers also help the plant retain water when the roots become dry.

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