The 5 Best Exercises for a Full-Body Workout

A full-body workout is much easier than you think, and it doesn't require you to use every weight machine at the gym (or even go to the gym at all). 

While weightlifting is the gold standard for muscle building, there are a plethora of different training exercises and routines that you can do almost anywhere 

(and without any equipment) to strengthen and activate your entire body. When you're ready to begin moving, try these five tried-and-true exercises for a total-body workout. 

Squats are a tried-and-true strength exercise that is especially good for developing leg and glute strength.1 They're also a crucial functional exercise  

because being able to perform squat-like actions in everyday life (such as bending to pick up toys, boxes, children, and luggage)  

is essential for keeping injury-free and moving with ease. Gaines adds that this practice might also help you improve your speed. 

Squats are a basic activity, but they're also easy to perform incorrectly, which can result in injury or unneeded aches and pains.  

The easy approach is to learn and master proper squat form. According to Travelle Gaines, CPT 

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