Source: Giants DC. Wink Martindale cursed at Brian Daboll about the firings.

Angered that the team was firing two of his closest lieutenants, New York Giants defensive coordinator Wink Martindale cursed out head coach Brian Daboll during a meeting on Monday, a source told ESPN.

The New York Post said that Martindale "said his piece, got up, slammed the door, and walked out of the building" after the Giants fired outside linebackers coach Drew Wilkins and defensive assistant Kevin Wilkins. 

Drew Wilkins, Martindale's right-hand man, had accompanied him from Baltimore.

The strained relationship between Daboll and Martindale is at the heart of an impending breakup. According to reports from November, the two were in a "bad place."

According to a source, Martindale is set to quit following Monday's event. The Giants had yet to hear from Martindale as of Tuesday evening. 

 He returned to his home in Sarasota, Florida, on Tuesday afternoon.

Martindale has one year remaining on his current deal. According to the Post, he is owed $3 million.

If Martindale resigns, the Giants could block him from joining another team. If that's the case, things could get considerably ugly.

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