Seahawks Urged to Make Surprise Run at Potential $125 Million Coach

The Seattle Seahawks are searching for a new head coach after parting ways with Pete Carroll.

 Jim Harbaugh, a former rival coach, could be worth keeping an eye on. KJR Seattle's Dick Fain argued that Harbaugh should be the next Seahawks head coach.

"I don't like Jim Harbaugh at all, but he's an ELITE head coach," Fain wrote in a message on January 10, 2024. "

"Do you know who else I disliked 14 years ago? "Peter Carroll."

Carroll is still on the squad and has had a long-standing rivalry with Harbaugh dating back to their collegiate days at USC and Stanford.

During Harbaugh's tenure as head coach of the San Francisco 49ers, the Seahawks battled him fiercely.

It remains to be seen whether Seattle will make a move for Harbaugh, who is still the Michigan Wolverines head coach.

Matt Barrows of The Athletic also believes Harbaugh would be a good match in Seattle.

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