Pride Palette: 10 Dazzling Nail Art Designs to Celebrate Pride Month 2024 

Eye-catching ombré Airbrushed “aura nails” are our favorite nail trend. Add chrome accents to elevate the look.

Being minimalist is crucial. This rainbow-tip pattern is simple, sleek, and easy for minimalist nail art.

Crystal claws If you prefer something flashier, these powerful, blinged-up talons will stand out.

A little of everything Mix and match components in this palette-inspired nail art design to unleash your inner artist.

Colorful doodles Doodle on your nails in different colors, shapes, and sizes for a lovely look.

Road of rainbow Make this wavy rainbow manicure shine with glitter.

3D gels Multicolored gel nail polish creates an avant-garde effect.

Pretty dried flowers Add dried flower sprigs to your French tip manicure under a top coat.

Chrome iridescence Full chrome is a vibrant, sparkly nail art design perfect for a day out or night at the club.

Jelly drops The dewdrop nail style adds texture and matches many base colors.

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