Meal plans, recipes, health benefits, pros, and cons of the Body Reset Diet

Introduced by Harley Pasternak in 2013, the Body Reset Diet spans 15 days with three phases, mainly involving smoothies.  

The diet consists of three phases, each lasting five days. The initial phase involves three smoothies daily, transitioning to incorporating solid meals gradually.  

The smoothies include white (protein-rich), red (fruit-packed for energy), and green (vegetable-based for satiety) variations. 

The routine involves exercises like reverse fly, dips, planks, and hamstring curls. 

Rapid weight loss is achievable due to calorie restriction and increased physical activity. However, the diet lacks clinical evidence. 

Short-term weight loss is likely, driven by a calorie deficit. Long-term success is uncertain, as reintroducing solid foods may lead to regained weight. 

The diet promotes whole fruits and vegetables, potentially improving overall health by replacing processed foods.  

Grocery bills may fluctuate, initially decreasing due to the absence of solid foods but potentially rising with a focus on fresh produce. 

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