Kimmel Doesn't Expect Aaron Rodgers' Apology

Even if the NFL star may think Kimmel is tied to Jeffrey Epstein, Kimmel stated Rodgers is more likely “is mad at me for making fun of his topknot.

”Jimmy Kimmel addressed Aaron Rodgers' comments about him and Jeffrey Epstein on his first program of the year.

Rodgers implied on ESPN's “The Pat McAfee Show” on Tuesday that Kimmel was worried about court records revealing a link between Kimmel and Epstein.

On Monday night, Kimmel said Rodgers may believe his “false and very damaging statements,” but likely “he doesn’t actually believe that 

— he just said it because he’s mad at me for making fun of his topknot and his lies about being vaccinated.

”Kimmel blamed Rodgers' “Thanksgiving Day Parade-sized ego” and said he wasn't expecting an apology, but he wanted to distinguish between “Jimmy Kimmel Live” humor and lying.

“We say a lot on this show—we don't lie. We have a team that works hard to filter through facts and credible sources before I make a joke, which is vital. 

Make fun of someone—even Donald Trump. Even someone who lies from morning to night and smears orange makeup on his MyPillow needs consideration, and we give it to him. 

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