“Karma for the League”: Gilbert Arenas Calls Ja Morant's Injury 25-Game Suspension

A torn right shoulder labrum will sideline Memphis Grizzlies player Ja Morant for the season.

The teenage star returned from a 25-game suspension for flashing a gun on Instagram and is done for the season after ten games.

The retired NBA star Gilbert Arenas had a furious reaction to Morant's injury.

Arenas quipped on Gil's Arena podcast that Morant could hit the Griddy from home without worrying about his money balance. 

His 25-game ban cost the Grizzlies star $7.6 million. 

With only ten games this season, he'll make $25.9 million.

Morant was cautioned by Arenas of the terrible implications of his injuries.

 Prior to labrum injuries, Caron Butler and Isaiah Thomas were stars. 

Butler consistently scored around 20 points per game. His career plummeted after a 2008 hip labrum injury.

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