How This Week's Moon Conjunction with Venus Improves Relationships for Three Zodiac Signs

This week provides luck in love for three specific zodiac signs, especially since the Moon enters Capricorn and joins forces with Venus.

I'm in the mood for love simply because you're near me." That old lyric rings true, 

and with the transit of the Moon conjunct Venus to back it up, we'll be singing songs of love and beauty to the people who make our hearts skip a beat today.

1. Leo

When you turn up for love, you enter like a force of nature. 

2. Virgo

Venus transits are extremely beneficial, so when something like Moon conjunct Venus occurs, everyone is on board, and it seems like a vacation. 

3. Aquarius. 

Your emotional yearning is high on this day, and it will manifest in your environment as you open yourself up to the love you've been rejecting for a long time.

Lets you face the music and what this means is that there is someone in your life whom you love but you've never really shown them your true feelings.  

You already know that they love you, but you've never allowed them to get too close.  

During Moon conjunct Venus, you will let them in. 

Love has always been a tricky thing with you, Aquarius, as you are very protective of your heart and you do not want it to be hurt.  

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