Home-Design Trends You’ll See Everywhere in 2024

You shouldn't be surprised if you start to see fewer photos of rooms with a minimalistic and streamlined design on your Instagram feed. 

Instead, you should see more pictures of bedrooms and living rooms that have decor that is warm, textured, and sometimes quirky.

Choosing furniture and decor only on the basis of trends is obviously not something that anyone wishes to do. If, on the other hand, you are considering revitalizing a space, you want to avoid making investments in things that will appear to be out of date

Textural, Organic Accents

Bouclé, fringe, rattan, and other textural details will be popular, according to Elana Mendelson, owner and main designer of Elana Designs in Potomac, who aims to incorporate "more mixed-media art, upholstered pieces with more dimensional detail, and natural elements."

Sustainable Choices

Laura Hur, owner and principal designer of Lorla Studio in Kensington, says sustainability is "no longer a trend but an important factor for most homeowners." Consumers are increasingly concerned about how their design choices affect both their health and the environment

More Lamps, Less Recessed Lighting

Shannon Claire Smith, an interior designer in Silver Spring, predicts that table lamps will glow brightly in 2024. "Do you have any empty hard surfaces in your room? "Put a lamp on it," she says. 

Whimsical Touches

According to Mendelson, more "fun and whimsical" classic characteristics, such as curves and scalloped edges, would be included into modern design. Smith is also noticing an uptick in what she terms "opposite-ends-of-the-spectrum" design—rooms with old furniture with contemporary sculptural elements.

Moody Black and Gray

The paint brand Behr picked "Cracked Pepper" the color of the year for 2024, which Hur interprets as a warning that black and dark-gray tones would gain popularity during the coming year. "They ground a modern space and at the same time modernize a more traditional space," Hur said.

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