Commentary: ‘Hail to the Cheaters’: Michigan's national title is real and always nasty

HOUSTON— Without Ann Arbor and the Michigan alumni community, the Wolverines' national title under Jim Harbaugh on Monday night will always be covered with barnacles, sludge, and grease.

Sorry, Michigan, this is how it works. Ask Houston Astros.

Nothing could have gone better. "It went exactly how we wanted," Harbaugh said late Monday night after his team won the national championship.

“We stood tall off the field and knew we were innocent. Just mentioning that.”

Thanks, Coach, for your refreshing honesty.

“These guys were innocent,” he claimed. “Yeah. Get over it? Knowing we were innocent makes it easy. It went as planned.”

Michigan residents will agree. Buy it regardless of price. Non-Michiganers will spit this out faster than rancid milk.

Naturally, Harbaugh may have agreed to coach the Atlanta Falcons by the time you read this.

 Maybe LA Chargers. Carolina Panthers. The Washington Whatevers.Harbaugh's No. 1 Michigan Wolverines defeated No. 2 Washington 34-13 in Houston to capture the national title.

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