Bucs Insider Suggests Way to Stay Mike Evans

One veteran insider sees a way to resolve the “contract impasse” with Tampa Bay Buccaneers star wide receiver Mike Evans.

Scott Reynolds of Pewter Report said the Bucs can franchise tag Evans next year if no contract is negotiated by Week 1.

 Deryk Gilmore, Evans' agent, warned the Bucs on Friday, September 1, that Evans will become a free agency next summer

However, there is still time until the end of the season and January.

“Keep in mind the Bucs can always use the franchise tag to keep Mike Evans as well,” Reynolds said. 

 I expect a huge year from Mike Evans.

He'll approach the offseason as probably the best available weapon in football, with a four-year, $96 million contract in our system. With that stated, a $28 million+ price tag is likely too much for Tampa Bay to swallow."

Here's how Pro Football Focus predicts his free agency. "Another starting quarterback for Tampa Bay?" Mike Evans recorded another 1,000-yard season. 

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