Buccaneers Expect to Lose $82.5 Million Star to Bears.

When it comes to NFL free agency, few cases will be more intriguing this offseason than Tampa Bay Buccaneers wide receiver Mike Evans, who is 30 years old and coming off his tenth consecutive 1,000-yard season. 

He's as much of an icon as any player in Buccaneers history, having been chosen and groomed by the organization and witnessing the Bucs go through four coaches and four primary starting quarterbacks throughout his time.

However, ESPN predicts that Evans will make his final run with the Buccaneers. The publication predicts that the Chicago Bears will sign Evans after the team's impending postseason run.

"The Bears will utilize the first selection to draft a new quarterback and then invest in that quarterback by signing Mike Evans, one of the best free agent wide outs. 

Evans has ten consecutive 1,000-yard seasons and would work well with DJ Moore in this offense," noted analyst Aaron Schatz on the site.

Here's what cap expert Mike Ginnitti of Spotrac wrote about Evans: "Despite breaking the 30-year-old record this season, Mike Evans hasn't slowed down at all. 

He'll approach the offseason as probably the best available weapon in football, with a four-year, $96 million contract in our system. With that stated, a $28 million+ price tag is likely too much for Tampa Bay to swallow."

Here's how Pro Football Focus predicts his free agency. "Another starting quarterback for Tampa Bay?" Mike Evans recorded another 1,000-yard season. 

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