Brother using MJ as bait": Rare Michael Jordan-Stephen A.

Michael Jordan, Derek Jeter, Travis Scott, and Stephen A.

Smith attended the 2024 College Football Playoff National Championship. 

 The Michigan Wolverines play the Washington Huskies at NRG Stadium in Houston on Monday night.

Jordan watched the national championship game on the SportsCenter video below with other celebrities in the luxury box. 

They may be discussing the close game while enjoying it.The NBA's G.O.A.T, a New York Yankees icon,

ESPN's top analyst, and a world-class rapper, appeared midway through the third quarter as the Wolverines led 20-13. 

 It's a terrific crowd watching football.

Most fans took shots at Stephen A. Smith after seeing the luxury box crowd.

One fan quipped that Smith targets women at the box using MJ as "bait":

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