Best US destinations to visit in the wintertime provide 

As winter casts its magical spell across the United States, numerous destinations beckon travelers with a unique blend of snowy landscapes, festive atmospheres, and exciting winter activities.  

Whether you're a snow enthusiast, a culture seeker, or someone in search of cozy escapes, the USA has something special to offer during the winter months.  

Colorado's Aspen Rockies skiing paradise

Skiers from throughout the world to Aspen for winter wonder. Aspen, in the Rockies, has world-class ski resorts, lovely alpine communities, and stunning mountain scenery. 

NYC—The Ultimate Urban Winter Wonderland

New York City becomes a wintry wonderland around the holidays. Rockefeller Center's stunning displays and Central Park's ice skating bring holiday happiness to the city. 

Wyoming Yellowstone National Park

Winter enhances Yellowstone's beauty. Snow-covered landscapes make seeing bison, elk, and wolves peaceful. America's first national park's geothermal wonders and frozen landscapes can be explored on guided snowmobile and snowcoach tours.

Lake Tahoe, California/Nevada

The Sierra Nevada Mountains surround Lake Tahoe, making it a winter wonderland. At world-class resorts, ski and snowboard or relax in a lovely cabin with lake views. 

In Santa Fe, New Mexico 

Santa Fe's adobe architecture is stunning in snow. Visit galleries, enjoy Southwestern food, and discover the city's rich culture. Santa Fe's winter charm, cultural events, and geographic splendor make it a great winter visit.

Winter Fun in Orlando, Florida

Orlando has a unique winter magic. Theme parks like Walt Disney World and Universal Studios host holiday parades, decorations, and special events. Enjoy winter with Florida sunshine.

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