Americans don't know how much of these nutrients they actually require. survey

Almost half of Americans aren't eating enough fruits and veggies, with 43% admitting to consuming fruit less than once a day, according to a survey of 2,000 respondents conducted by OnePoll for West Life Soymilk. 

Despite a love for apples, oranges, and bananas, 52% of those surveyed regularly skip vegetables, and nearly 10% acknowledge insufficient protein intake, with 14% unsure of their protein needs. 

The survey revealed a preference for incorporating fruit (24%) over veggies and protein (16% each) into diets. Protein sources included white meat (25%), red meat (19%), fish/seafood (33%), plant-based milk (19%), and protein powder (15%). 

Breakfast priorities for respondents included options that are easy to take on the go (30%), convenient (31%), and protein-rich (26%). 

Smoothies gained popularity, with 51% of respondents drinking at least one per week.  

Respondents found inspiration for smoothie recipes on social media (53%), and 75% were influenced by celebrities showcasing specific smoothies. 

The "perfect smoothie" included ingredients like honey (32%), yogurt (32%), bananas (26%), chocolate (25%), plant-based milk (24%), strawberries (23%), and plant-based protein powder (21%). 

Plant-based milk was considered a desirable addition by 78% of respondents if it increased protein intake, reflecting a growing interest in balanced, high-protein meals. 

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