9 Korean beauty secrets for glass skin

Steamy Shower and Facial Massage  

Take a steamy shower and massage your face for dewy and healthy skin. Use circular and upward motions for five-seven minutes, followed by an oil cleanser or essence.  

Beauty Teas for Radiant Skin 

incorporate Korean beauty teas like ginseng tea and green tea for antioxidants, acne prevention, and radiant skin. These teas offer various health benefits, including weight loss and improved blood circulation. 

Facial Exercises for a V-shaped Jawline 

Practice facial exercises like mouth stretches to achieve a V-shaped jawline. Pucker lips, say vowels, smile, and swallow with your chin up daily for firm and contoured skin.  

Charcoal for Clear Skin 

Embrace charcoal face masks for exfoliation and clearing blackheads. Koreans popularised charcoal masks, now a skincare trend globally, for their effectiveness in achieving clear and envy-worthy skin. 

Tapping for Skincare Aborption

Apply skincare products by dotting them onto fingertips, warming them, and tapping onto the face. Tapping enhances absorption, ensuring maximum benefits from moisturizers, serums, and toners. 

Exfoliate with a Damp Cloth 

Use a soft cloth dipped in warm water to exfoliate the face gently. This Korean skincare hack removes dirt and oil, leaving the skin clear, bright, and helping prevent wrinkles and fine lines. 

Neck Care for a Flawless Look 

Extend skincare to the neck by using neck cream and massaging in an upward motion. Korean women prioritise neck care to maintain a youthful and smooth appearance. 

Double-Dosed Skincare Routine 

Adopt the Korean double-cleansing method, double eye masks, and double hydration for maximum skin benefits. This regimen ensures thorough cleansing, targeted eye care, and optimal hydration for soft and smooth skin. 

Overnight Mask for Beauty Sleep 

Prioritise beauty sleep by applying a moisturising overnight mask. This enhances skin rejuvenation, repairs cells, boosts collagen, and fights signs of ageing, leaving you with a brighter complexion in the morning. 

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