9 Healing Plants You Should Have in Your Home, According to Experts

Aloe vera

Aloe vera is commonly used as a topical gel to treat burnt skin. Although aloe thrives in warm and hot climes and requires plenty of sunlight, it may be cultivated indoors in a sunny window.


Jiaogulan, often known as "sweet tea vine," is a vining plant that may thrive indoors if given enough light. According to Haynes, it "belongs to the Cucurbitaceae family, making it a cousin of butternut squash." 


Most people identify lavender for its perfume and purple blooms, which are commonly used as both decoration and aromatherapy. "Lavender is a medicinal plant that everyone should have," Baker said, "for its relaxing and stress-reducing properties." 


Mint is an easy herb to cultivate. In fact, when it's pleased, it thrives in its own container, since mint will take over whatever place it's planted in. Mint comes in a wide range of variations. "My favorite mints are yerba buena and chocolate mint," Baker said. 

Lemon balm

Lemon balm, a member of the mint family, has a sweet lemon scent. This herb may thrive inside, ideally near a sunny window. Just make sure to put it aside from other herbs and in its own pot, because lemon balm, like mint, will spread and take up room.


Moringa has been gaining popularity in the health food industry because to its antioxidant capabilities, minerals, vitamins, and a variety of other possible advantages. "Moringa trees make really beautiful indoor plants," Haynes said. 


Oregano is commonly used to season pizza, sandwiches, and tomato-based pasta dishes. Aside from its fiery flavor, oregano is a carminative plant that aids digestion, according to Beauchemin.


Rosemary is a robust Mediterranean plant that enjoys plenty of sunlight and mild weather. "Rosemary is also a favorite healing plant to grow indoors," Baker said. Rosemary contains compounds that can help reduce gas and bloating.


Thyme is another hardy culinary plant that also serves therapeutic purposes. Thyme leaves can be used to produce a calming tea or sprinkled over a variety of foods, soups, and salads. 

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