8 vegetarian foods for strong bones


Yogurt, rich in Vitamin D and calcium, provides one-third of daily calcium and one-fifth of vitamin D requirements, offering numerous health benefits. Yogurt Three glasses of milk daily meet calcium requirements, but plain milk can be used in smoothies, sauces, or rotis dough for added flavor.


Even one piece of cheese a day can improve the health of your bones. Cheese has a high calcium content as well as a high vitamin D content.

Cheese Palak

Cheese Palak, a nutritious vegetable, is rich in protein, calcium, vitamins, and essential minerals, enhancing bone strength and providing one-fourth of daily calcium requirement. 


 Spinach Broccoli, collards, and kale are examples of greens that strengthen bones. For best results, include these in your smoothies or salads.

 Collard Greens

Collard Greens Soy-based foods are an excellent dietary choice for strengthening bones. Tofu, soy milk, soybeans, and soy beverages are a few of these.

Soy based foods

Soy based foods This vegetable of the winter is also excellent for your bones. To an extent, turnip greens assist the body in meeting its daily calcium requirements

Turnip green

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