8 gorgeous nail designs for Valentine's Day that defy clichés

Comme Des Garcon

We deliver the enduring and recognizable Comme Des Garcons design right to your fingertips—the epitome of fashion meets beauty.

Melting heart

We're definitely not against having them on our nails, even though we promise to *not* let any man melt our hearts this year (meaning, in a negative sense, of course). Grunge but still charming.

Red gradiant

The simplest approach to create DIY nail art without actually painting something on your nails is with gradient nails. 

Milky mani

As versatile as they come, milky nails go well with almost any ensemble.

Put a bow on it

Tie a bow around it. Arm broken? Tie a bow around it. Everyone—I mean, everyone—is loving the bow trend this winter, so of course we had to add some to our nails as well!

Cloud nail

I won't hold it against you if all you want to do is get a screenshot of this for your nail artist. 

Queen of Heart

Indeed, indeed, indeed. If the Queen of Hearts were to choose a nail art for the Valentine's Day celebrations, we're confident she would choose this glittery, ultra-chic manicure.

Small red heart

Well, I realize I stated this list wouldn't be exclusively heart-related, but can you really blame me? This adorable and understated Valentine's Day manicure design captures the romantic feel without being sacrilegious.

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