7 Reasons Why Having A Girl Is The World's Greatest Happiness

All children are blessings, but only parents of tiny girls can appreciate some things. Here are some reasons for parents of little girls:

1. Shopping

Although mama will go crazy shopping for boys, shopping for girls is different. Shopaholic mothers will appreciate the numerous tones of pink, peach, and coral, the varied textures like laces, frills, and bows, and the many designs of small dresses that may be coupled with the prettiest shoes and hair accessories. 

2. Female Bonding

A little girl helps Mama understand how she feels because all mothers were little girls and know what to expect from her. 

3. Easier Diaper Change

No matter the gender, diaper changes are messy. Having a female means no pee on your face or clothes, which is a huge benefit.

4. Mama Can Be a Role Model

Mothers have a fantastic opportunity to demonstrate femininity for their daughters. It will aid your daughter and make mamas more conscious and better themselves.

5. Names and Nickname

Girls have many unusual and attractive names to choose from, and mothers can match theirs or add their names as middle names.

6. Daddy’s Little Prince

Dads love their daughters too. A dad is his daughter's first hero and affection, and she will bring out his protective side. 

7. Brings Out the Gentleman

A rugged man's world changes as he holds his daughter. After having children, most men perceive women differently because they want to make them happy above all else.

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