7 Natural Ways to Help Your Body Detoxify

After weeks of extravagant eating and drinking over the holidays, there is always pressure to “detox”

—to make 30-day cleanses, cold-turkey restrictive eating programs, or to buy teas, juices, supplements, and meal subscriptions.

The idea that we need to buy a specific thing, eat a certain ingredient, or cut out a specific food to remove poisons from our bodies is a marketing trick.

Drink Enough Water Daily

“Keeping hydrated is important to flush out substances like carbon dioxide and urea,” Tamburello says.

Sleep Cleanly

The body recharges and detoxifies after a good night's sleep. Chronic sleep deprivation burdens our body and may lower organ function.

Consume More Antioxidant Foods

Tamburello says antioxidant-rich foods protect cells from stresses and maintain organs healthy to assist natural detox systems.

Consume Less Alcohol

Alcohol is a common poison. It's fine to have a happy hour drink occasionally, but drinking demands your liver to work hard to process and remove ethanol.

Favor Fermented Foods for Gut Health

“A healthy gut and digestive tract support the body’s natural detox systems,” Tamburello says. Due to its strong interaction with the immune system, the gut microbiome helps break down poisons.

Eating and Drinking Fewer Ultra-Processed Items

Eating and Drinking Fewer Ultra-Processed Items Candy, soda, chips, cookies, cheese curls, frozen dinners, fast food, and cold cuts induce systemic inflammation.

Include more sulfur-rich foods.

Tamburello believes sulfur-rich foods like onions, garlic, and broccoli help remove heavy metals and boost antioxidant activity.

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