6  Different Garden Types for All Homeowners

The best outdoor paradise is one that fits your needs and preferences.

There's a garden for everyone, whether you love nature, like to cook, or want to turn your backyard into a peaceful place to relax.

 Are you ready to start building the backyard of your dreams? Here are some ideas.

Garden of the chef

You might be missing something important in your life—a gourmet food garden. When real Italian seed tomatoes and herbs grow right outside your kitchen door, you can't help but get ideas.

Garden for florists

Since flowers are what make people happy, having a vase full of them all the time from your own lawn must be nothing but ecstasy.

Garden for travelers

You go on vacation to get away from the stress of everyday life. Why not make your backyard feel like a place where you can escape from everything?

Garden for the family

Don't forget how important a garden is to kids. Every leaf opening and worm crawling teaches us something about the amazing world we live in, and every path, puddle, and stone gives kids something to think about.

Garden for naturalists

When sparrows, butterflies, woodpeckers, and bumblebees fly by your window, it's hard not to smile. And it's easier than you think to get them there—as long as you give them food, shelter, and water.

Garden for workaholics

Do you have too much stress and work to garden? Don't believe it! Even the busiest businesses can enjoy a peaceful garden view without getting their feet dirty if the garden is designed with few low-maintenance plants and a simple layout.

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