4 Most Sentimental Zodiac Signs in Relationships

Each zodiac sign tells a unique story of feelings and connections.

 We explore emotive zodiac signs' love and passion riddles today.

Find out how the stars affect your relationships by reading about the four zodiac signs that wear their hearts on their sleeves.


Cancer, the moon-ruled water sign, starts our melancholy zodiac tour. Cancers are the zodiac's cosmic caregivers because they grasp emotions intuitively.


We'll next visit Pisces, Neptune's dreamy aquatic sign. Pisceans, the zodiac's poets, gracefully ride emotions. Their romantic ideals and capacity to perceive beauty in every feeling show their sentimentality.


Libra, Venus-ruled air sign, is one of the sentimental zodiac signs. Librans desire harmony and beauty in love. They seek fairness, cooperation, and beauty to communicate their sentiments.


Our voyage ends with Pluto-ruled Scorpio, the strong water sign. Scorpios are emotional alchemists who explore passion and intimacy. Their sentimentality is magnetic and they need deep emotional ties.

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