10 Wonderful Irish Girls’ Names Inspired By The Festive Season

Réaltin ('ray-l-tin') means 'tiny star' and is derived from the Irish term réalta, which means'star'.



You might go with Muire or Moire, but the Irish name Mary (pronounced'moy-rah') is derived from a Hebrew name, Maire, which means "wished-for child." 


Nothing says "holiday" like holly adorning everything in sight. The Irish equivalent of the girl's name Holly is Háil ('hawl-ee').


When it comes to adorning the wreath for the front door, nothing goes better with holly than ivy. The lovely Irish translation of Ivy is Eidhneán ('eye-nawn').


What could be more fitting for the tiny wonder that appears on Christmas Eve than the Irish word for Eve, Éabha ('aw-vah')?


Féirn ('fair-een') refers to 'small present,' and there isn't a more valuable gift this Christmas.


Fia ('fee-ah') is the Irish word for deer (similar to reindeer! ), but when used as a name, it takes on the meaning 'wild'.


The angel Gabriel appeared to Mary to bring her the good news. Aingeal (pronounced 'anne-gel') is the Irish word for angel.


Carol's name means "song of happiness." Séarlait ('shar-lit') is the Irish equivalent of a lovely holiday name.


('shee-vah') is a lovely name that means 'good' and 'peace,' two terms that are connected with Christmas.

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