8 modern small kitchen ideas

Try statement lighting

Modern tiny kitchens are more minimalist than maximalist, but you may still make a statement. In an ultra-modern setting, strong, blocky designs can look amazing, and compact kitchen lighting is a terrific place to experiment.

Decorate with minimalist planters

While minimalism is a separate design trend, these two aesthetics share aspects. The greatest plants for small spaces provide life to any environment, but their pots are crucial. 

 Invest in some new countertop appliances

While we don't recommend spending your rent on a new fridge or oven, your small kitchen appliances may benefit from a refresh. 

Give matte black finishes a go

While this may not be appropriate for people with short leases, if you want to stay in your flat for an extended period of time, upgrading hardware such as faucets can have a significant influence.

Form-led accessories

Modern design is all about smooth, sleek lines and form-led designs, so exhibiting a wiggly candlestick holder instantly transports your home into the twenty-first century. 

Stick to one color palette

Homes influencer Milly shares her experience creating her own kitchen, saying, "For me, I can't tolerate fuss or frills; I want everything in my home to seem fresh and modern. 

Make simple changes with modern accessories

It's easy to overlook the minor details, but if you want your room to have a modern vibe throughout, little touches like the correct kitchen basics may make all the difference.

Try your own marble decals

While marble is a timeless material, it nonetheless has a modern aesthetic. Its smooth surface and firm lines make it an excellent choice for a kitchen, but if it is little out of your price range, don't panic.

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