10 Strong And Powerful Baby Girl Names


Greek mythology and pastoral poetry mention Althea. ALTHEA means ‘with healing power’


A charming European name. Amelie is a variation of Amalia, meaning ‘vigorous’ or ‘brave.’ Name is also associated with hard work.


Both boys and girls can be named Amery, from Norman French Emmerich. It implies ‘ruler, king,’ ‘unceasing,’ ‘vigorous,’ and ‘brave.’


Turkish female name Beren means ‘strong,’ ‘well-known,’ or ‘clever.’ It's not popular, but its uniqueness makes it appealing to parents who want a rare name for their child.


A lovely Irish and Celtic feminine name, Breanna means ‘noble,’ ‘strong,’ and ‘virtuous.’ It was a popular 1970s American variant of Brianna.


Carla means ‘one who possesses strength’ in Portuguese. Even though it matters. This name sounds romantic. Its most renowned bearer is actress, singer, model, and former French First Lady Carla Bruni.


A lovely English name, Elfrida means ‘elf power.’ Elfrida Andrée, a Swedish organist and composer, and Elfriede Jelinek, an Austrian playwright and novelist, bear this uncommon name.


An enduring name derived from Old Norse Eiríkr. It represents power, leadership, and endurance. Erica, which means ‘heather’ in Latin, is a classic name for parents looking for character.


The Old German name Karleen means ‘womanly strength.’ This name shone in the 80s and 90s, peaking at 340 in 1988.

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